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Canoga Park Locksmith Store Canoga Park, CA 818-531-9694Car keys, no matter how well-made they are, will develop structural weaknesses with time. At a certain point, the key will either bend out of shape near the weak point or it will break entirely. Accidents, repeated use, and even bad weather like extreme cold can reduce your key’s lifespan. If you need new automotive keys cut for your vehicle in Canoga Park, CA, then Canoga Park Locksmith Store is your best bet. We can cut you a new key at low prices in a short span of time. We have been making new keys for close to a decade, so you can rely on us to make you high quality replacements.

Don’t go to your dealer

When you need new automotive keys cut , it’s not always a good idea to go to your dealer. While they will be able to get you new ones, they may take their own sweet time about it. They also almost always charge extravagant amounts for replacements. Why are new keys so expensive? Smart versions require special computerized equipment that is expensive to buy and difficult to handle. Every key has to be individually programmed to work with your car. Instead of going to the dealer, you should call our locksmiths instead. We don’t charge extravagant amounts and it only takes us a few minutes to make new keys.

All kinds of keys cut

You can get all popular kinds of automotive keys cut from our experts. We can make you a new key for your car, your van, trunk, and other popular vehicle types too. We may require you to have documents proving that you are owner of the car in question, though. Here are the three popular types we can cut:

  • Standard types: These are for cars that were manufactured before 1995, before modern day smart keys were introduced.
  • Keys with remotes: We can install a remote fob on your key to allow you to open your car doors.
  • Transponder keys: These are modern versions that need the computerized equipment we talked about before.

Day & Night service

You can get automotive keys cut from us 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We don’t charge extra if you need a key made urgently or in the middle of the night, so don’t think twice about calling us.

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